Child Contact Law

Our specialist team of Family lawyers at Shepherd Harris & Co solicitors in Enfield includes Children and Family Panel Members who are able deal with all aspects of disputes that may arise between parents in relation to Children Act Matters. We also act for grandparents and other family members in relation to disputes concerning children.

Child Contact can be a complex and emotive area. We ensure that we adopt a sympathetic and understanding approach to our clients when dealing with any disputes involving children. We appreciate that these issues are often very sensitive and difficult to deal with and the team at Shepherd Harris & Co Solicitors in Enfield are well respected by past and present clients for the caring yet proactive way in which we attain a successful resolution.

Our areas of expertise…

The most common types of disputes relating to children occur between parents following a separation and relate to where children should live and how often they should have contact with the non-resident parent. There may also be disputes in relation to education, the child's surname, removal from the jurisdiction, religion and whether or not a child should have medical treatment administered to them - all matters in which Shepherd Harris & Co solicitors in Enfield can assist you.

The Children Act 1989 provides that the welfare of the child is always the paramount consideration. If a dispute does arise concerning a child then we are able to offer expert advice to the parent or family member on the options available to them to resolve the dispute. This may include specialist negotiation, a referral to a local Mediation Service or an application at Court.

Shepherd Harris & Co solicitors are able to deal with Children Act Matters on an emergency basis. If an emergency situation arises concerning a child then we ensure that we are able to offer emergency appointments via our rota system. This ensures that a family lawyer is always on hand to assist you as quickly as possible. We have dealt with a large number of emergency cases whereby children have been abducted from the jurisdiction, removed from the family home or at risk from significant harm for example and emergency orders have been applied for to ensure the safety and well-being of the child.

We also have wide experience of the Fostering and Adoption Act and are proud of our status as highly respected adoption solicitors in Enfield. The Shepherd Harris & Co team can advise you on matters such as legally adopting a stepchild and any associated child custody laws. The legal adoption of a stepchild can sometimes be a complicated process. By choosing Shepherd Harris & Co solicitors in Enfield you can be assured of peace of mind that your case is in safe and accomplished hands. 

Next steps…

If you are involved in any Children Act dispute or require advice in relation to Children Act Matters or the Fostering and Adoption Act then please contact a member of our family team: Georgina Hetherington or Tazeen Khaliq on 020 8363 8341 who will be more than happy to assist you.

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