Civil Litigation Law

Shepherd Harris & Co Solicitors in Enfield are respected for our team of enthusiastic, specialist civil litigation solicitors who have expertise to make or defend claims on your behalf and cover a broad range of the many and varieid categories of civil litigation including:

  • Contract and Consumer Problems
  • Professional Negligence
  • Residential Landlord And Tenant Issues
  • Debt Collection and Assistance
  • Contentious Probate and Claims Under The Inheritance (Provision for Family and Dependants) Act

Our team of civil litigation solicitors will make or defend claims on your behalf in a speedy and efficient manner. We have a particularly excellent track record of successfully resolving contentious probate – Shepherd Harris & Co Solicitors in Enfield are one of the most proactive solicitors in Middlesex and the London region. Our commitment to quality and client care is your guarantee of a first class service from our dedicated team of civil litigation solicitors. Coupled with the assistance of our friendly support staff and the use of the latest technology, your civil litigation law case is in safe hands.

How Shepherd Harris & Co civil litigation solicitors in Enfield can help you…

Tazeen Khaliq and Ian Godfrey head up our civil litigation law department. Dealing with a wide range of civil litigation issues ranging from contentious probate right through to contract and consumer problems, Tazeen and Ian are here to help resolve your civil litigation issues, no matter their complexity.


Contract and Consumer Problems…

  • Received negligent professional advice?
  • Bought goods or received a service with which you are not satisfied?
  • Holiday ruined because it was not as you expected?
  • Finance Agreements entered into with unfair or onerous terms?

Let Shepherd Harris & Co solicitors in Enfield guide and assist you through the maze of jargon, red tape and any other obstacles which can be thrown in your path when asserting your consumer rights. In addition to advising and helping you to make your complaint, we are also able to put you in touch with the relevant regulatory bodies, such as Trading Standards, ABTA and the relevant Ombudsman and, if necessary, assist you in making your claim with the aid of various funding options we offer.


Debt collection and assistance…

Running a business can be fraught with difficulties, all the more so if you are not being paid. The team of civil litigation solicitors at Shepherd Harris & Co solicitors in Enfield are able to provide a quick, efficient and cost-effective service for both individuals and organisations seeking to recover debts.

For businesses threatened with bankruptcy or liquidation, we offer confidential and practical advice as to the best solution for you. We may also be able to represent your interests in court proceedings.

If you are an individual who owes money, then the expert team at Shepherd Harris & Co can provide you with sound advice and assistance in relation to any court action that may be brought against you. We can also help minimise your losses and assist you in reaching an agreement that is satisfactory to both you and your creditors.


Contentious probate and claims under The Inheritance Act…

As expert Wills and probate solicitors in Enfield, the Shepherd Harris & Co team are highly experienced in the area of contentious probate. We have helped hundreds of satisfied clients in the capacity of contesting probate and are renowned for our sympathetic yet highly focused approach.

You may be:

  • Contesting probate of someone who has died for lack of testamentary capacity; or undue influence; or want of knowledge and approval.
  • The dependent of someone who has failed to make reasonable provision for you.
  • Seeking advice relating to matters of probate and inheritance tax.

We offer confidential, caring and practical advice whether you wish to make or defend a claim.


Next steps…

To request the advice and assistance of our civil litigation solicitors for contentious probate, residential tenant and landlord issues, debt collection and assistance or any other civil litigation law matter please contact Tazeen Khaliq or Ian Godfrey on 020 8363 8341 who will be pleased to help you resolve issue quickly and competitively.

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