Clinical Negligence Law

At Shepherd Harris & Co we pride ourselves on being understanding, compassionate and great listeners.

You may have been either misdiagnosed or had an operation that has gone wrong or perhaps you feel that a doctor may not have provided you with the right treatment or care. Negligence at the hands of those we entrust our care can be disabling and catastrophic. In such event you may be entitled to compensation under clinical negligence law.

Shepherd Harris & Co have been protecting the rights of victims of accidents and claiming compensation on their behalf for in excess of 50 years. We have amassed an enormous amount of experience and have had considerable success in these difficult areas of clinical negligence law.

If you believe you have not received the appropriate care and have suffered an injury (be it physical or mental), you may have a claim.  This could involve, as referred to above, a misdiagnosis, a badly performed operation or indeed a failure to treat a condition quickly (e.g. cancer or a baby in distress).  Some negligence can be catastrophic and lead to permanent and disabling injuries and in those circumstances we endeavour to liaise with the NHS litigation authority (or their legal advisers) with a view to ensuring that a care package (and financial support) is put in place.

This relieves the stresses of any family members and may make the life of any injured person less difficult.  Clinical negligence is a complex area of law and at Shepherd Harris & Co we have the necessary skills and support to ensure that any claim is properly handled and any damages maximised.

Our personal injury solicitors team includes a Law Society Panel Member and two Association Of Personal Injury Lawyers (APIL) members.  As a leading firm in the field of brain injury law we can assist you or a family member by providing you with the best possible legal advice and action. We also make efforts to liaise with the opponents and try to put in place a package for the purposes of rehabilitation and financial support pending the settlement of the claim. In some cases of minor injuries we endeavour to settle the claim as soon as practicably possible. It is this form of commitment that victims deserve.

How Shepherd Harris & Co will help you…

From day one, you will receive personal, dedicated attention from your clinical negligence solicitor at Shepherd Harris & Co. We offer a free initial interview, without obligation, and can also liaise with Legal Expenses insurers to obtain a funding indemnity where appropriate as well as offer "No Win-No Fee" options. Our personal injury and clinical negligence department offers an efficient, speedy, friendly service and, most importantly, a caring and understanding attitude. We are acutely aware that no matter how serious or minor an injury is it can change the victim's life.

We undertake all areas of Personal Injury law and our team consist of the following specialist:

  • Road traffic accidents solicitors
  • Accidents at work solicitors
  • Spinal injuries solicitors
  • Brain injury solicitors
  • Child claimants solicitors
  • Clinical Negligence solicitors

Next steps…

We can guide you as to whether you have a right to compensation.

To discuss your specific circumstances and for access to your own personal clinical negligence solicitor, road traffic accident solicitors and no-obligation advice please call Ian Godfrey or Gennaro Baffa on 020 8363 8341.

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